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Arcturian Healing - 5 Sessions

5 - 30minute Arcturian Healing Sessions

  • 30 minutes
  • $275 - 5 Sessions
  • Distance Healing

Service Description

5 - 25min Arcturian Healing Sessions (Distance Healing) These are a series of 5 sessions designed to go deeper into your healing journey. 1 - The 1st session will start with an energy clearing of all your subtle bodies. 2 - The 2nd session will involve a quantum healing session allowing the Arcturians to divinely guide the healing. 3 - The 3 session will work on your chakras and etheric body making sure they are cleared and aligned. 4 - The 4th session awakens your soul purpose and blueprint. 5- The 5th session is works with the prosperity frequencies to help bring more abundance into your life. Each session is approx. 25-30 minutes and will be done with distance healing. Ideally you will be able to make time one session a week until all five sessions are complete. We will coordinate via email to find the right time for the sessions. You can lay down or sit during your session. Just make sure you are in a quiet space and have time to integrate the healing for at least ten minutes after the session. After each session make sure to hydrate and eat clean. The energies will continue to work over the next few days. For questions email Aurora at **This is a distance healing meaning over email we will set up the time for me to do the session while you are in a quiet place and it will happen from a distance. It does NOT require meeting online or zoom.

Contact Details

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