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About Aurora Roseline

Sound Activator and Transmitter

Aurora is a Ph.D. candidate in Jungian Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is the creator of Aeon Kingdom Records/Sound Healing. She is a professional musician, certified in sound therapy, and an initiate of the Order of the Blue Rose.

She has many years of experience creating sound transmissions and activations. She works multidimensionally and engages with the archetypal realms of reality.  

Aurora uses sound frequency and images as creative gateways to address whatever intentions you are seeking to focus on. These methods have the deep potential to expand your consciousness, helping you to become aware of unwanted unconscious patterns or situations in your life. Her work contains sonic codes designed to awaken your inner wisdom and deepen your relationship between spirit and body. All sound and image transmissions are pre-recorded and available for download.

About Auora
Wild Flowers

 Sound Healing and Intuitive Guidance  

Sonic Activations to Tune You Back to Your Original Soul Blueprint

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Aurora's work helps to integrate your unconscious aspects through sound activations and transmissions working at the archetypal level 𓇚


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