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Updated: Jul 26, 2023

The Arcturians are an inter-dimensional group of beings who helped seed our planet long before recorded history. They are often experienced as angels or energetic beings presented to us as guides or way-showers for energy healing.

In her book, The Golden Lake, author Lyssa Roya-Holt explains how the " Arcturus consciousness is archetypal, representing a very balanced energy in terms of male and female energy. (We are speaking about energy, not gender.) They play a very important role for humans, acting like a bridge between separated human reality and the Golden Lake. Within your mythology and spiritual understandings on Earth, you have called Arcturian beings angels. That archetypal angelic energy is a direct manifestation of the Golden Lake" (2019, p. 59).

Photo credit: Royal-Holt, Galactic Heritage Cards 2013

In essence, my work with the Arcturians, combines inter-dimensional in-audible frequency transmissions into sound pieces we can hear and relate to with our human senses. These sonic codes help to awaken our unconscious aspects of being, integrating us back to our unified self as we become more conscious of our multidimensionality.The songs I create, along with the Arcturian healing energies, are a powerful combination of frequencies, aiding us as a species to remember who we really are.

In my experience with the Arcturians, they help me to get in touch with my inner ability to transmit and channel higher dimensional healing and activation energies from my Source self or as I call it, my Prime Creator Self. The Arcturians aid my work so that I can be a clean and pure vessel for the appropriate transmissions needed through sound frequencies in this Holographic Universe we exist in.

Arcturian Healing Method

Sonic code transmissions to return you to wholeness.

In my practice, I utilize the Arcturian Healing Method which I have been trained and activated by Gene Ang who specializes in this healing modality. The Arcturian Healing Method is a " divine healing method created by Gene Ang, Ph.D. is inspired by higher beings from the star system Arcturus" ( The energy work can in some ways be compared to Reiki healing but is facilitated by the Arcturians from their inter-dimensional plane of existence.

Importantly, "Arcutrus energy has guided humanity since its very early inception, but its guidance is subtle. It often guides through gentle energy transmission. Often, this energy transmission comes through the healing arts, such as Reiki and other forms of hands-on healing” (Royal-Holt, 2013, p. 49). Author Lyssa Royal-Holt goes on to highlight that "Arcturian energy facilitates deep emotional healing. This is one reason why many who connect with their frequency have profound and cathartic emotional releases, often with many tears. Deeply connecting with this energy can transform blockages in the heart. One reason for this cathartic emotional release is because Arcturian energy reminds you of your true nature as the Lake. This remembrance can bring a deep release of the obstacles that keep your heart closed. As you begin to remember your true nature through your heart rather than through your mind, you accelerate your process of integration back to wholeness" (2019, pp. 59-60).

I invite you to try a session out with me either through Arcturian and celestial healing which is a kind of quantum healing transmission to clear and align your chakras, or if you are ready to delve deeper, you can order your own special Sound and Energy Session. If you want to just get your feet wet, you can start out by listening to some transmission on Aeon Kingdom's YouTube channel to experience these sacred energies or to purchase transmissions visit the Sound and Energy Transmission Library here.


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